So you have your collectors edition D1 and your various keyfobs, wallets and T-Shirts to go with your gaming experience (and for some the 3d printed ghost!!)

But now to take your physical world even closer to destiny, and blow away your walls (no actual explosions will occur) please welcome………..

the iron gallarhorn life size replica with lights and sounds (including <insert flashing light sign here> wolfpack rounds)  yes ladies and gentlemen you can have your own gallarhorn missile launcher.  This limited time offer does not include a stand because lets face it, you will be carrying it everywhere you go.   In the supermarket when that granny steals the last trolly *Blam* gallahorn to the head.   And in the doctors surgery *Blam* no more queue.  Even driving to get your crate of rockstar and that gti cuts you up, *Blam* take that in your tail pipe sucker.

All yours for the more than reasonable £200 GBP yes a single one time payment will secure this amazing item for your own.