Hidden around the Dreaming City are cats which accept offerings and small gifts that smell faintly of mint. Finding all these cats can be tricky, as they’re hidden in obscure locations, often far off the beaten track. Players who wish to collect a full set of Reverie armor will need to finds all the cats and given them a gift.

All cat locations in the Dreaming City

Currently, there are eight known cats hidden around the Dreaming City. After giving these cats a small gift, they reward the player with a piece of Reverie armor. The Reverie armor set is extremely powerful as it increases player damage while in the Dreaming City, though damage against the player is also increased. Thankfully, there’s a way to remove the negative part of the mod from the armor, leaving just the positive effect

As for the location of all the cats, they can be found in each major area, though they are all tucked out of the way. Players will need to have a small gift in order to receive a reward. It’s also worth noting that after receiving a gift, the cat will disappear.

Dreaming City Cat 1


The first cat can be found behind the Oracle temple in the Spine of Keres. Start at the Divalian Mists, head straight ahead and pass through the cave on the left full of blue crystal. Cross the gaps in the track and upon enter the first arena, hug the left side to find a pathway which leads up the side of the area. Continue along this side route, crossing bridges and going up stairs, to find a large wall made of blue rock with a hole in it. Jump over the hole and on the ledge below is the cat.

Dreaming City Cat 2


The second cat in the Dreaming City is found at the top of the Oracle temple in the Spine of Keres. Start at the Divalian Mists, travel straight ahead and then go through the tunnel on the left made of blue crystal. Continue along the track, jumping over the gaps, and then head straight across the arena to find the oracle room (the same room where players can give an offering to the Oracle). Use the balconies to jump up to the highest point and walk to the end of the hallway to find the cat near the window.

Dreaming City Cat 3


The third cat in the Dreaming City is found in the Divalian Mists, directly ahead of the fast travel point. Go straight forward to the cliff (with the blue cave on the left and the track to Rheasilvia on the right) and look over the edge. Below the cliff are a series of ledges leading to a cave which hides the cat.

Dreaming City Cat 4


This fourth cat is a little more difficult to find, as it is far off the beaten track. Head into Rheasiliva by starting at the Divalian Mists fast travel point and going straight ahead. Go past the door to the Blind Well to find a track that leads inside the mountain. Continue through this until you come across an open area with some crates and other combat cannisters. Go left and follow the ledges. Jump to the right across the gap and use the next set of ledges to wrap around the mountain. Look across the gap to see yet another series of ledges leading up to a blue statue. Climb up the mountainside to reach the blue statue, at its feet is the cat.

Dreaming City Cat 5


The fifth cat can be found inside the Harbinger’s Seclude, the temple structure at the rear of Rheasilvia. Start by facing the temple and head inside, following the path deeper into the temple. Pass the giant statue in the middle and take a right in the next room. In the next hallway, look across from where you entered to find a room with a large tree, at the top of the tree is the cat.

Dreaming City Cat 6


The sixth cat in Destiny 2’s the Dreaming City can be found deep within the Rheasiliva area, in the Harbinger’s Seclude, specifically, in the underground city. Starting outside the temple in Rheasiliva, head inside and follow the main path along. Past the statue, through the hallway (ignoring the room with the tree), and into the large underground cavern. Look to the right to spot a building, the cat is on the rim of the roof. Use the rocks to the side to reach the cat.

Dreaming City Cat 7


The seventh cat in the Dreaming City is found in The Strand, just before the garden area. Head up toward the garden, stopping at the little lookout point. Climb the cliff to the side to reach the cat hidden beside a tree.

Dreaming City Cat 8


The eighth cat in the Dreaming City is found in the Garden of Eslia. From The Strand, head into the Garden of Eslia (area in the south with the circular/floral pattern). Pass through the crystal tunnel and continue up the track. Stick to the left side to to see two large rocky formations, on the second formation is a tree, below it is the cat.