The paladins from the shadows

Play for the team and the glory will come

Witch Queen Releases in









Clan Founder

Hobbies include, herding cats & making toast

Clan Admins

Carlsberg dont make clan admins,

but if they did….

Clan Members

The team of  amazing guardians

Clan Rules

There arent many, but they are important

Clan Members must read

Clan Guidelines

Code of conduct, keep a friendly open clan

Shh Destiny

Associate Clan

King’s Fall – Extra Boss Chest

King's Fall - Extra Boss Chest   When you begin the raid, three symbols will spawn on the walls below the hive portal. Take note of these and find them throughout the raid.Throughout the raid, there are nine glowing circles that can be shot to reveal a symbol....

Clan member – Turned international streamer

For some their calling is a 9-5 desk job.  Others keep products and people flowing by driving the nation.  Some keep us fed and watered, some are more hands on in production of the things we knowingly use as well as some things that just keep us safe.  But for a few...

Beyond Light


Weapon Mods pre-Shadowkeep

Here’s what the weapon mods are, what they do, and where you get them: Icarus Grip (Sold by Banshee, Found in World Drops) – Better accuracy in the air Radar Tuner (Sold by Banshee, Found in World Drops) – Radar comes up faster after ADS Counterbalance Stock (Sold by...