12 knights fought in the name of the ruler Charlemagne, their bravery and resolute determination to hold to their code earned them the title “paladin”

Centuries on, the hidden warmind from the age of light, Charlemagne, has a group of like minded guardians. Their heritage from the original 12 left unproven to the mists of time, they never the less, prove themselves within the new age. Their ghosts may be born to the light of the traveller, but their hearts stay in the shadows. Watching and waiting to be awoken by their charge. Charlemagne the one true warmind will awaken once more, unfold its secrets, and the paladins will rise and enforce the message.

When you pass the darkened cave and think you see a glow deep within,

When you pass through a darken forest and feel sure you saw whisp somewhere in the blackness,

You pass the unlit alley that your sure had a bright flash

These are not signs of you loosing you mind no these are the paladins of the shadows, don’t test them or they will take your light and reintroduce you to the silence of the shadows perminately.