Ok clan, we are upgraded to D2 Clan status.

To answer common questions :-

Q; Have we chosen or banner?

A; Nope that section is currently not available


Q; Does this actually change anything?

A; Yes and No, for 99% of the clan all the change does is stop there being a “group” and then setting your clan tag. now you just join the clan, no groups involved.  The only person in the clan that this effects is GSI as he currently belongs to 2 groups and sets his tag as per the group he is with.


Q; will we get to choose the banner?

A; so this is my plan, if we can design our own, then we will (and all those who would like to submit or make suggestions will be welcome to do so) if we only get to choose from a list, then I will narrow that list and put 4-5 on a poll for the clan to vote on.

Note I will set a banner during this process as a temp until the voting has chosen the final one.

And may our legends continue paladins