So the biggest part of destiny and equally the most team breaking event is the raid.

When the team is on point they take around an hour to complete.

But when the team isnt they can take many many hours.

Often this isnt because anyone is a bad player (though often it is when a team is performing a carry) but mainly because working as a team is a tough thing to do.

On the playstation (sorry Xbox-ers we are a PS clan) The people in your fireteam have never met each other, and while they have often played together, the other events in destiny are 3 player affairs and while nightfalls are not simple they lack the puzzle or demands that a raid requires.

During some raids carries are straight forward (be they carries of lower players or the lack of teamwork) Crota for example, in modes other than 390, the lights can be done by one person. the bridge needs 5 players to be on point with the sword and the sixth is kinda pulled through. even the crota battle itself it only takes 3 rockets to take him down and the sword bearer.

However you try Vossik in challenge mode and unless everyone clears adds, and throws their bombs, its only going to end badly.

And here is the true test of the team. I dont just mean can they keep their cool. a few beers usually helps with that. The problem is more leadership versus ego.

A good leader in my mind has an understated ego. She/he knows the job in hand and can both give clear instruction and motivate the team.

A bad one has a big ego and a bigger voice.  Let me clarify that a little. There are very good players in destiny, and often they are so good they can carry a team through a strike/nightfall on their own. They adapt very well to swarms of enemies and different weapons. BUT when they are in the team they want the others to be as good as they are.

These are sweeping statements and i am embellishing for effect, but the concepts are right.

Equally the raid will be that much harder if there is no leadership at all, some love this role others deal with it to get the raid going, but either way they shouldn’t be the enemy (thats the taken/fallen/vex/cabaul/hive)

If you do end up in that role either because you choose or you are pushed, remember respect is earned, never really there if you expect it. False respect is harmful to the team as people will deliberately defy a leader who expects to be listened to, and go to the end of the world for one who has earned it.

And here is the rub, the real point of my post.

We are not in the forces, there is no life or death here. This is the “game” destiny, where many come to forge a legend or in reality spend some of their spare time kicking ass and taking loot. but doing so to have fun, release the frustrations of the day/life whatever.

So next time you are in a raid, tempers are failing and you have just wiped for the hundredth time. stop for a minute, look at the screen, the controller in your hand and the living room you are in and realise, there is no bullet with your name on it or nova bomb heading your way.

Next mix things up a bit and change what every one is doing, try something new. and if its not working at all talk and listen, quiet members might come up with that killer strat or new way of looking at the problem, but if its really not working then better the team jointly quits than one or two rage quit.

Wether you are with randoms or clan mates this is a game, and for my money the legend Destiny is forging for me is one of friendships I would have never had, with people i would otherwise have never spoken to let alone met.

Roll on D2 and may the legend continue…….