ok so as i write this, we are 2 days into the beta for destiny 2.
My impressions i think are summed up in one word “Polished”This is my take on it, from a year one D1 players point of view.Yes its grander and brighter. Has a detail level that makes you want to explore the levels just to see that pot pan or microwave that has absolutely nothing to do with shooting the cabal threat, but makes the game “feel real”.PVP seems to be a step forward, has lag gone….. no but it doesn’t feel like anyone is going to be forced out, and it doesn’t feel like the laggers are gaining any advantage. I realise this is the beta and early days but, so far, a positive feeling.the game feels balanced, and personally i love the single person heavy, and the slow supers. these feel much more strategic now instead of crutches.PVE also feels balanced, with a well executed super rewarding you with good damage to the enemy and badly done ones giving them an incentive to wreck you day.

The guns and loadouts are going to take a little getting used to, but equally I am happy to have my head in pvp, rather than loosing it to an icebreaker round 20sec into the match.  Primary kill fighting just feels more rewarding and fair. Am I still out gunned, absolutely, but at least i feel the other guy is actually a better player than me rather than aim assisted and lucky.  I will take the criticism that i should get good, but in this beta I feel like i have a real chance to actually run round and play not worry about turning a corner with no-one on the radar to meet a sniper round from the other side of the map.

Also love the feeling I am playing destiny. There are plenty of changes and some of them are significant, but it feels like destiny.

I cannot quantify that any more than, bungie created a game with a core, much like VW created the golf gti.  and like the golf a 2017 model feels like a polished version of the original. its safe has more toys and is faster. its rounded and probably shares no parts physical parts from the original, but when you get out of one and into the other, it still feels familiar.

We have 40+ days till launch, and a few days left of beta, but chummer, personally the legend continues, from the shadows paladins into the light…