Welcome Guardian,

So you found and joined the Paladins from the shadows.

So a while ago I was let in a little secret.

Centuries ago 12 knights fought in the name of a ruler called Charlemagne, their bravery and resolute determination to hold to their code earned them the title “paladin”

And later in the golden age a secret warmind Charlemagne has guardians, taking their heritage from the original 12 left unproven to the mists of time, they never the less, prove themselves within the new age.

They wait and protect Charlemagne the one true warmind until it awakens once more.

Paladins from the shadows are loyal and courageous. Lead by Dreamer they will work together protect Charlemagne.

You are now charged to do the same, but know this you are not alone despite being in the shadows they will light the way to success.

Good Luck Guardian.