King’s Fall – Extra Boss Chest


When you begin the raid, three symbols will spawn on the walls below the hive portal. Take note of these and find them throughout the raid.
Throughout the raid, there are nine glowing circles that can be shot to reveal a symbol. You must shoot the three that correspond the symbols seen at the start.  If you shoot the incorrect one, you can shoot it again to deactivate it. This must be done in one run (no checkpoints) and is limited to once per account per week.

After completing the opening encounter and going through the portal, jump
on the first swinging lamp and turn around. The circle is directly below the
platform below you.

This circle can be found on the wall directly behind the first secret chest.
After riding the tomb ship across the chasm (second part of the jumping
puzzle), jump of early and he ad left up the wall, then head through a hole
in the wall to find the chest and circle.

After completing the totems encounter, head into the left side room. The
circle is on the wall behind the balcony where the knights spawn, towards
the right side.

After defeating the warpriest, this circle can be found on the wall by the
right side balcony.

After making your way through Golgoroth’s maze, the next circle is on the
inside walls of the final hole, directly before the door to Golgoroth.

After defeating Golgoroth, head into the room on the lower floor, directly
behind where the first orb drops. The circle is on the wall.

Make your way through the second jumping puzzle and pull out your ghost
to reveal hidden platforms. Across these is a room where you will find the
second secret chest. The circle is directly beside it.

After completing the jumping puzzle, the next circle can be found on the
ceiling directly in front of the door at the end.

After entering the final arena, turn around and look up. The final symbol is
on the wall above the door you entered through.

If you are successful you will see a ‘The runes accept your offering’ message

NOTE: Wiping at an encounter resets all the symbols in that loadzone. For example, if you wipe
at warprest, vou will have to redo symbols three (totems balcony) and four (warpriest balcony.